Uvitec Alliance Q9 Mini

The highest-sensitive Chemidoc, with a mini price


The Alliance Q9 Mini is Uvitec’s top-end chemiluminescence and spectral fluorescence imaging system, proudly boasting the highest optics specifications and sensitivity on the market. The Q9 Mini is a cost-effective imager, fully expandable and tailored to your workflow, upgradeable through plug-n-play technology.

Product Features
• Pre-calibrated optics
• Up to 18-megapixel resolution
• f/0.80 custom lens
• -60°C regulated cooling
• Fully upgradeable
• Up to 13 illumination sources
• 7-position filter wheel
• Unlimited software users


Uvitec Alliance Q9 Mini

Auto-exposure: ideal exposure, for every sample
Pre-calibrated optics: effortless setting, in no time
Fully slide-out tray: hassle-free sample positioning
Mobile sample tray: painless westerns imaging
All-in-one: acquisition – editing – analysis, straight away

Femtogram-level: stunning detection of faintest signals
Uvipure© technology: enhanced UV for EtBr and all safe stains
Chromapure© modules: take multiplexing to the next level
Confocal discs: boosted fluorescence signals capture
Filters: up to 18 filters to choose from

9.2 megapixels: massive resolution, HD pictures
f/0.80 custom lens: unrivalled camera sensitivity
-60°C camera cooling: radical background suppression
4.8 OD: outstanding weak/strong detection ratio
65,535 gray levels: research-level protein quantification

Stainless steel: long-lasting, robust instrument
Box© concept: interchangeable transilluminators
Plug-n-play: upgrade any module, at any time
7-position wheel: and up to 18 filters to choose from
Q-smart darkroom: splendid Alliance-line darkroom

Western blotting
• Chemiluminescent/ECL westerns, dot blots

Optional DNA and RNA gels with fluorescent stains
• Ethidium Bromide, GelRed, GelGreen, SYBR Safe & Green & Gold, Sypro Ruby, Emerald, Midori Green…

Epi Fluorescence
Optional IR/NIR/RGB multiplexing with up to 8 wavelengths
• UV 365nm – TLC plates, Qdots…
• Blue 420nm – DyLight 405, CFP, eCFP, Cerulean, Atto 425, Alexa 405…
• Blue 460nm – Cy2, GFP, eGFP, FITC, Alexa 488, Sypro, Bodipy, Atto 465, DyLight 488…
• Green 520nm – Cy3, Cy3.5, RFP, Alexa 532 & 568, Krypton, Atto 550, DyLight 549…
• Red 650nm – Cy5, Alexa 647, Atto 633, DyLight 633, DyLight 649…
• Red 690nm – Cy5.5 Atto 680, IRdye 680, Alexa 680 & 700, DyLight 680…
• NIR 740nm – Cy7, Alexa 750, DyLight 750…
• IR 780nm – IRdye 800, Alexa 790, DyLight 800…

In-vivo Luciferase and Fluorescence
• Luciferin, fluorescent proteins (GFP, RFP, IRFP…) and stains

Visible Imaging
Optional Colorimetry and Protein gels
• Coomassie Blue, Cooper, Silver-stained, Red Ponceau, Petri Dish colonies & colony counting…

Alliance Q9 Advanced Q9 Software

A wide range of software functions are incorporated into the UVI 1D image acquisition and analysis software that is supplied with the Alliance Q9. These include intuitive menus, buttons that are easy to understand and to operate and a wide range of automatic settings and protocols to quicken and simplify the image acquisition process. If you prefer a more hands-on approach then plenty of manual functionality has also been incorporated into the Alliance Q9's software. Key features of the software include:

• Auto - Manual - Serial
• Optimal exposure time Live-3D acquisition mode
• tiff-delivered pictures

• Create your own acquisition protocols
• Create templates
• Set your parameters

• Adjust Gamma & SoG
• Visualise all results in 3D
• Full resolution images

• Improve image display
• Add text, date, name and save templates
• Change image dynamic

• Quantification & normalisation
• Molecular Weight
• Export data to Excel

Unlimited free license for the NINE-ALLIANCE image acquisition and analysis software