Randox Biochip Array Technology

The Evidence Investigator analyser, based upon Randox’s award-winning Biochip Array Technology, offers a flexible solution to those scientists interested in maximising the output from their research through the benefits achievable from multiplex analysis. It’s comprehensive test menu will appeal to researchers from a wide variety of disciplines such as immunology, metabolic/nutritional research, oncology and cardiovascular disease making it an ideal instrument for a core-lab facility. In addition, it now has the ability to consolidate both proteomic and genomic applications onto a single platform with the advent of our molecular diagnostics range of tests.

Introducing the MultiPlex Biochip Array Technology

In 1992, Randox created a concept that would transform laboratory testing; Biochip Array Technology (BAT). The aim of this technology is to provide researchers with as much diagnostic information as possible, faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.

The Food and Drug Association (FDA) cleared Biochip Array Technology which was subsequently granted the prestigious MacRobert Award for Engineering. To date this technology has transformed diagnostics worldwide, saving time and money within the laboratory and allowing for highly accurate and informed clinical decisions.

Biochip Array Technology is a multi-analyte testing platform allowing the simultaneous quantitative or qualitative detection of a wide range of analytes from a single sample. It provides a unique platform for assessment of biological samples in a rapid, accurate and easy to use format.

Randox Biochip Immunoanalyzer