CEM Peptide Synthesis

CEM systems are designed and developed by a team of more than 50 scientists and engineers with a passion for quality and innovation. They love solving customer’s problems, but their contribution doesn’t stop there. They’ve shaped the field of microwave technology, published many articles and books on the subject, and often speak at scientific conferences.
The Liberty PRIME peptide synthesizer is the most advanced platform available for microwave peptide synthesis. It features a revolutionary one-pot deprotection and coupling process allowing for a remarkable 2 minute cycle time with only 8.5mL waste per cycle (at 0.1 mmol).

The Liberty Blue system's combination of microwave peptide synthesis along with rapid liquid handling offers several advantages over conventional synthesis conditions. Liberty Lite™ Microwave Peptide Synthesizer is an entry level option for the globally recognized Liberty Blue™ technology.

CEM Liberty Blue
CEM Liberty Lite
Razor: A smarter way of doing peptide cleavage. With the advantages of precision heated reactions, you can get better peptide purity. Now you can cleave up to 12 peptides, simultaneously, in 30 minutes or less, with more reliability than any other method. This is high throughput cleavage.

CEM Razor
Discover Bio is an easy to use Easy to Use Manual Microwave Peptide Synthesizer. Now the world's best selling microwave peptide synthesizer is also available in a research scale benchtop system that offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing peptides. Enhance your laboratory's capabilities with the benefits of microwave-assisted peptide synthesis. Now, chemists who need to make peptides on a research scale can produce high purity peptides in a rapid and cost-effective manner.

CEM Discover Bio