BioSPX ensures a continuous operation of your laboratory equipment by providing a complete package of technical and analytical services, quality products and skilled technical support.

BioSPX technical & support services in a nutshell:
• Tailor-made installations of new equipment
• Upgrades of existing equipment
• Technical support (hardware & software)
• IQ-OQ-PQ + reporting
• Validation & Calibration services
• Preventive maintenances with or without service contract
• Omnium service contracts
• 24 hour response time

Maintenance of your laboratory instruments falls into two categories: preventive and corrective. Preventive maintenance is aimed at minimizing the chance of malfunctions and errors, so that you maximize the return on your laboratory equipment investment. Malfunctions are always inconvenient and unforeseen. However, a structured and regular maintenance program decreases the chances of a malfunction and lowers system operating costs. Such a program of maintenance ensures a minimum of down-time, so you do not have to disappoint your customers.

The preventive maintenance schedule depends on a variety of factors. Among these are the type of apparatus and environmental factors, such as laboratory/plant-conditions, the importance of the system to your business, etc.
BioSPX works with you to determine a preventive maintenance schedule appropriate for your needs. The preventive maintenance schedules are developed through a complete technical appraisal with an eye to revision or replacement of components liable to wear, cleaning of the system, and followed by functionality tests. BioSPX reports back to you with a service report and validation/calibration reports tailored to your quality system.

In the case of corrective maintenance, our service department will rapidly and skillfully make your system operational as soon as possible. Free telephone access to our experienced helpdesk ensures that your issue is addressed promptly. If a site visit is necessary, a supplier-trained service employee will be sent to your location to address the problem. Our service staff has at their disposal excellent supplier support documentation and an extensive stock of replacement components.