Uvitec UviSave Q9

Stand-alone gel documentation system with lift-off hood


Equipped with an easy-to-handle lift-off hood, the Uvisave Q9 is a simple gel documentation system, yet boasting a true scientific-grade 16-bit camera offering a massive 3MP native resolution and 65,535 grey levels. Images are visualized on a giant 12.2” HD touch-screen and can easily be transferred over to a computer for further editing and analysis.

Uvitec UviSave Q9 Details

• Giant 12.2” HD touch-screen
• User-friendly interface
• Lift-off camera hood
• Fits any transilluminator
• True scientific 16-bit sensor
• 65,535 shades of gray
• Easy USB image transfer
• No learning curve

DNA and RNA gels with fluorescent stains
Ethidium Bromide, GelRed, GelGreen, SYBR Safe & Green & Gold, Sypro Ruby, Emerald, Midori Green…

Visible Imaging
Optional Colorimetry and Protein gels
Coomassie Blue, Cooper, Silver-stained, Red ponceau, Petri Dish colonies & colony counting…

Key Advantages
Live-3D mode: unique pre-acquisition tool
Customizable: all protocols adjustable, endless possibilities
Endless editing: countless tools included
Analysis: quantification, molecular weight, distances, colonies